Find your village.


You’re unique, but your problems are not. With others, you’ll find solutions. 

How can a  
community help? 

Although our experiences, backgrounds, and superpowers are unique, the issues we face have a lot in common. With some support and deeper self-awareness, finding solutions will come more and more easily. 

Turning issues that you face into opportunities requires self-awareness of your personality, development resources, and support of others with similar backgrounds and experiences.  

When the storms you face hit, have your umbrella ready. You’ll begin to see challenges differently if you have a community and meaningful resources on your side.

Are you ready to tackle challenges? 

Your challenges are surmountable, and you’re not alone. Now is the best time to find resources and support to grow. 

  • Are you looking for the skills that’ll position you for your next chapter? 
  • Do you want better self-awareness to articulate your strengths and understand your opportunities? 
  • Do you need better support systems outside of your organization? 
  • Do you want to stop making sacrifices and find some balance? 

Introducing the Evolving Leaders community.

Leadership is a skill best built by refining it. That’s easier and quicker with a coach and support from a community. This is your opportunity to have both. Let’s get you involved.

This is your community. 

We’re building a community for those that influence others – as a team leader, a guiding force in your family, or someone passionate about personal growth. We’re empowering individuals to hone their leadership skills and achieve their professional and personal aspirations. With a coach and a community, you can expect to: 

  • Enhance skills crucial to effective leadership. 
  • Build greater self-awareness with a clear understanding of strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Benefit from confidential support as leadership challenges arise. 
  • Stay focused with accountability on your goals and high standards. 
  • Find the right balance in your professional and personal lives. 
Join the community.

Learn collaboratively.

In this community, every member wants to learn and contribute, sharing their experiences, challenges, and insights. You’re not alone. Your issues have common threads. 

Focus on growth. 

The community focuses on topics like enhancing skills, overcoming professional challenges, leadership development, personal growth, and achieving career objectives. 

Be supported by peers. 

Members support each other with confidentiality, respect, and accountability creating a trusted space for open dialogue. 


Sneak a preview.

You're not new to leadership nor business. So what can you learn?

In our curated content and discussions on leadership, we won't talk about the basics. We'll unpack the complicated, the tricky, and the undefined.

Explore a range of topics. 

This is a community, and we’ll dive into topics as group interest changes and develops. With our collective experiences, we’ll all benefit from engaged discussion in a confidential environment. 

  • Intentions - Establish your roadmap to success. 
  • Clarity - Find clarity in your personal and professional stance. 
  • Commit - Commit to your goals with conviction. 
  • Prioritize - Manage your time effectively for goal achievement. 
  • Communicate - Master the art of impactful communication. 
  • Restore - Learn stress management techniques. 
  • Influence - Build strategies for gaining advocacy. 
  • Network - Craft narratives that enhance your personal brand. 
  • Mindset - Explore new approaches to problem-solving. 
  • Gratitude - Recognize and celebrate your achievements.

Start your journey of growth today.

Membership Benefits

Quarterly Curated Content

Every quarter, dive into thoughtfully selected topics designed to enhance your leadership skills. Access previously-discussed topics by purchasing topic bundles.


Join the Evolving Leaders Community, a supportive space where you can connect, share, and learn from like-minded individuals. 

Live Access to Your Coach 

Participate in live virtual 1-hour Q&A sessions and coffee chats to gain insights to navigate the complexities of leadership. 

Access to

Benefit from a review of community calls at a later date. 

Convenient Billing Options



Pay Quarterly: $60

One-Time Fee: $100

This $100 initial setup fee provides a custom assessment of your unique strengths and what you need to ensure they show up. It also includes three insightful webinars that bring that report to life for you in pragmatic and powerful ways.  

Join today. Pay monthly.



Pay Annually: $600 (and save $100)

One-Time Fee: $100

This $100 initial setup fee provides a custom assessment of your unique strengths and what you need to ensure they show up. It also includes three insightful webinars that bring that report to life for you in pragmatic and powerful ways.  

Join today. Pay annually.

Meet one of your thought partners. 

Having a thought partner is invaluable, but you’ll want to find someone with experience and grit.  

Meet your coach, Onika Williams. You’ll find she knows exactly what she’s talking about. You’ll find she can listen well, empathize with the struggle, and push you in your growth. 

In her seasoned career with one of the world’s largest food companies she worked in several facets of the business and rose through the ranks. She worked in and managed production operations, earned a reputation for empowering people to drive their own meaningful transformation, and led corporate roles responsible for the corporate operating model, and served as chief of staff and advisor to the CEO. 

Her proudest transformational journey has been as a parent – building a healthy co-parenting relationship with her former husband to ensure a supportive environment for her daughter. 

Now with her coaching and consulting hat on, she can help you with your own personal transformation. She’s helped leaders reimagine what's possible, and she is committed to doing the same for you. Her story is a testament to the power of perseverance and the importance of staying true to oneself. 

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