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Know your needs.

It means the difference between your worst and best days.

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Understand who you are.


Each of us has superpowers. No, not flying.

Your "superpowers" are the things that have gotten you where you are today, things you're praised for, and things you may not even know you do uniquely. These are things you do on your best days.

Let's understand those best days. Understanding them can unlock more of them. Understanding them can unlock the ability to turn the worst days into days you're still able to do the impossible.

To understand them, we need to understand your needs. When those needs are met, you find your best self. You see, your superpowers are unlocked when your needs are met.

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And then understand how stress changes how you show up.


When your needs aren’t met, you show up differently – and maybe not how you’d like.

You won’t see how you show up, but others will. Just because your stress behavior isn't toxic, it that doesn't mean you on your worst days are easy to work around.

What if you could better identify how you show up under stress, manage how you show up, and steer yourself into best-day territory? That would change things for us and for those around us.

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Then learn to recenter.


Look, life will happen. You can't do anything to prevent a worst day. 

But, when it happens, knowing your interests well can help. Interests are the things that we gravitate toward in our personal and professional lives. 

These interests are what motivate us and recharge us. Drawing on interests can help recharge our batteries just enough to power through.

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So, what does all this really mean?


With your report, you'll identify your Usual Behaviors, your Needs, your Stress Behaviors, and your individual Interests. With that deeper understanding, you'll have the tools to recenter days that veer into unproductive territory.

In short, you'll be less likely to allow life to happen to you and more likely to steer life into productive territory.

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Dive deeper into understanding the areas that, when balanced, will help you be your most productive.

Usual Behaviors & Needs

What you need from other people and your environment to be satisfied and engaged.

Stress Behaviors

Unproductive behaviors when your Needs are not met by others or your environment.

Individual Interests

Activities that you enjoy and motivate you in your work and personal life.

It's time to jump in!

We can help you understand the details behind each of these areas in our individual webinars, or bundle all three for a comprehensive understanding of your report.

The webinars also come with handbooks created especially for each focus topic.

With your report and a deeper understanding in these areas, you will be on your way to a more productive self and understanding what you need to thrive.

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Available Products


Unlocking You: Exploring the Hidden Side of You


Can you articulate your "secret sauce?" We all have unique personalities. Each informs our leadership styles. Once we understand who we are as individuals, we can articulate our superpowers and share what we need to ensure those superpowers show up consistently.

In this 30-minute webinar, you get a deeper understanding of your Birkman Report and an abbreviated coaching session as Onika shares real-life practical examples to position you to unlock you.

Includes "Unlocking You" Participant Guide

Purchase - $50


Managing Stress Before It Manages You


Do you know what your stress behavior looks like? Do you know what it seems like to those you work with?

Without a mirror, we can't actually see ourselves. We can't see how we appear under stress, and that can risk jeopardizing relationships or making first impressions that we can't take back.

In this 30-minute webinar, you get a deeper understanding of your Birkman Report and an abbreviated coaching session with Onika and gain real-life, practical examples of how to manage stress.

Includes "Managing Stress" Participant Guide

Purchase - $50


Understanding What Motivates You


Can you list out what you're passionate about, what motivates you?

It's easy to think we can, but it's important to really consider it. When life inevitably happens, those motivations can be used to recharge.

In a ideal world, we would spend most of our day on our passions, but that's not how it works. If you understand exactly what motivates you, you can often call on those passions to get you through what isn't.

In this 30-minute webinar, you get a deeper understanding of Birkman following along with Onika and gain real-life, practical examples of tapping into what motivates you.

Includes "What Motivates You" Participant Guide

Purchase - $50


Bundle to Save $25!


If you're motivated to invest in a better, deeper understanding of who you are and how you work with others, you might as well save some money doing it.

Save $25 off purchasing all three and get a comprehensive understanding of your report.

All three webinars and participant guides are included:

  • Unlocking You: Exploring the Hidden Side of You
    (+ Participant Guide)
  • Managing Stress Before It Manages You
    (+ Participant Guide)
  • Understanding What Motivates You
    (+ Participant Guide)


Purchase - $125

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